About Chiegeshiuka Agu


Do You!

I really feel like that's where this started. After graduating college and securing that corporate job it just didn't feel right. I couldn't see myself doing that for the rest of my life, let alone working for someone else. I knew I wanted to do something creative. I needed to do "me"!

So I started to explore; took photography classes, went to school for esthetics, started drawing in Illustrator, & making jewelry. Jewelry stuck and has opened my eyes to so many other ways of creating. 

I love that I've found a way to express myself creatively and can share it with the world. Jewelry is just the beginning. I can't wait to experiment with other mediums and crafts.

I hope I create something that speaks to your heart and brings you a bit of joy!

Love & Light

Chiegeshiuka Agu